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DPF and Catalytic Converter Clean and Restore

A DPF clean and check service deals with the complete process of carrying out a diagnostic report to correctly assess the problem that is causing your DPF issues and makes the removal, cleaning and refit of your DPF as hassle-free as possible.

Often the first experience of a DPF, Cat or SCR problem is the warning light on your dashboard.

There are a number of small failures from sensors to EGR valves that can cause a harmful amount of soot to build up in your filter. Once your vehicle indicates a problem, the diagnostic can save time and money by giving an explanation to the warning indication and secondary issues.

Performing a diagnostic report often indicates the initial cause of the build-up of soot in the filter. The DPF, Cat or SCR can become blocked due to a failure of sensors, glow plugs not being changed on a regular basis, EGR valves, turbos and other engine management systems. Along with the cleaning of the unit, we can arrange for the symptoms causing the problem to be fixed. If the DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) has been removed, rather than cleaned or replaced, the backpressure of which the turbo relies on is altered and in many cases, this will result in the turbocharger performance being seriously affected which will lead to its inevitable early failure and you will incur heavy costs.

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